WWDC 2022: Progressive disclosure

WWDC 2022: Progressive disclosure

The craft of SwiftUI API design


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This may be my favorite video to come out of WWDC, ever. In this video, Sam Lazarus talks about the design principle of progressive disclosure, which is about gradually revealing the complexity of an API as it is needed. Lazarus shares some examples from the SwiftUI framework, including how the label pattern is used to consider common use cases and provide intelligent defaults. By embracing progressive disclosure in API design, developers can create APIs that are simple and approachable yet also able to accommodate powerful use cases. It also helps create a tight feedback loop, lowers the learning curve, and makes building apps a cycle of quick refinements.

In conclusion, progressive disclosure plays a crucial role in enhancing the user experience in modern app development. As demonstrated by the SwiftUI API, it can make a significant difference in user engagement and preference. As a devout Android user and developer, I must admit that SwiftUI's implementation of progressive disclosure has won me over, even when compared to Jetpack Compose. But let's keep that between us ๐Ÿ˜‰.